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Too few people in Britain have a private pension

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Figures released today show that almost half the population aged below retirement age had no private pension savings in 2010-2012.

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Why collective pensions will mean better pensions

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Collective pensions are the backbone of the Dutch pension system, regarded by most as one of the very best in the world.

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The Queen’s Speech: What should be in (but isn’t)

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Here are five announcements we would have liked to have seen today.

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Labour should argue for an ISA cap

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The ISA is a tax break for the prosperous/rich right now, but with the loss to a future chancellor in 20 or 30 years time.

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‘Abolish the state pension': meet UKIP’s new economics spokesperson

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The proposal has been dismissed as “incoherent” and “bizarre” by pensions experts.

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We need ambitious pension reform – and collective’s the way to do it

With less than half of the population saving enough for a decent income in retirement, we’ve got a living standards crisis on the cards.

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Means-testing pensioner entitlements: good economics, bad politics

Taking away the entitlements of wealthy pensioners may be good economics, but it would be incredibly risky for the Tory party.

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The government is cutting firefighter pensions by the back door

The government is trying to force firefighters to work longer and pay more into their pensions.

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In adopting a pension cap the government has done a spectacular u-turn

Deeper market intervention is needed to deliver pensions people can trust and a real solution to the cost of living crisis to which high pension charges are contributing.

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The government must finish the pension revolution which Labour began

The UK is in the midst of an occupational pensions revolution as 10 million people are automatically enrolled in a workplace pension for the first time.

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