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How ‘inclusive’ really is Scottish nationalism?

Scotland independencej

Even at its highest and most aspirant, nationalism demands self-interest over mutual interest between nations.

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Up close, Scottish nationalism looks a lot like other nationalisms

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Nationalism has many potential outcomes, but they are all based on a concern for ‘our people’ not ‘the people’.

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How the far right is uniting across Europe

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There is an uncertain line in the sand on he radical right between legitimate nationalism and unacceptable racism.

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Cyprus, the communists and anti-European populism

We know the drill now. A eurozone member finds itself in dire financial straits. A cabal of finance ministers, European officials, domestic technocrats and global financiers pushes the stricken national government towards severe public spending cuts and tax rises. The social unrest caused by these policies bleeds into some form of populism, be it left-orientated (Syriza in Greece; 15M in Spain), right-orientated (Golden Dawn in Greece) or somewhere in the fuzzy middle (Beppe Grillo in Italy).

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Comment: Salmond, Scotland and the EU – time for the first minister to finally come clean

Following the letter from the EC confirming Scotland would have to apply to rejoin the EU, James Hallwood looks back on another woeful week for Alex Salmond.

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Vote 2012: A tale of two Labour parties

As local election campaigns begin, the Scottish and Welsh Labour parties take radically different approaches to confronting the threat from nationalism.

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Salmond: Scotland “in an irreversible process of independence”

The latest news from day one of the nationalist knees-up in Inverness.

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