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MigrationWatch: a short history of spin, shoddy statistics and downright dishonesty

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MigrationWatch don’t ‘talk truth to power’. They tell it exactly what it wants to hear: that it’s all the fault of the immigrants.

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MigrationWatch is scaremongering, as usual

MigrationWatch is more interested in scaremongering than getting the facts right.

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New research confirms the government’s net migration target is unsustainable

Arbitrary targets to reduce migration are unlikely to work, argues Sarah Mulley of the Institute for Public Policy Research.

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So is Britain really “full up”?

Matt Cavanagh, Associate Director at the Institute for Public Policy Research, looks at whether the United Kingdom is really “full up” as the angry right claim.

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Migrationwatch’s 70 million cap proposal is dangerous and unfeasible

MigrationWatch’s e-petition calling for a 70 million person cap on population sets a dangerous precedent, is damaging for our economy and unrealisable.

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Express’s £1billion claim on immigrant housing is absurd

Migrationwatch has claimed that immigrant demand for social housing will cost £1billion per year – but the facts do not stack up.

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Good immigration policy must be based on good evidence

The debate on immigration will only ever be a productive one if it is based on accurate evidence, writes ippr’s Sarah Mulley.

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New Migration Watch report misses opportunity for balanced debate on migration

As we anticipate the next round of quarterly immigration figures from the Office of National Statistics this Thursday, a new Migration Watch UK report has been released amid a wave of media hyperbole.

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Listening to Migrationwatch would imperil our economy

The problem with politics is it’s complicated. Take the issue raised this week by Sir Andrew Green in his ConervativeHome article on immigration. In making his argument about reducing immigration, Green carelessly glossed over some staggeringly complex arguments about what the current and future shape of the UK economy should be.

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Migrationwatch need to go back to school and learn how to count

Unfortunately, and not for the first time, Migrationwatch’s report on the cost of educating ‘migrants’ is not a useful basis for discussion.

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