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Scrapping onshore wind farms: as economically irresponsible as it is environmentally reprehensible


The Conservatives have embarked on an all-out assault on the cheapest form of renewable energy there is, writes Oliver Hayes.

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Five reasons the Royal Mail should never have been privatised

Postal votingj

Poor value for money is not the only reason to lament the passing of Royal Mail into private hands.

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New figures show taxpayers lost billions on Royal Mail privatisation

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New figures reveal that taxpayers lost billions of pounds in the privatisation of the Royal Mail.

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The Royal Mail is a good reason to change the borrowing rules

Why do we insist that there is no difference between a profitable business that pays its own way, like the postal service, and one that depends mainly on taxation to fund it, like a school or a hospital?

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‘Greenest government ever’ presides over emissions increase

There was an increase in the level of CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions in 2012, with UK net emissions of carbon dioxide 4.5 per cent higher than 2011, figures out today reveal.

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New energy minister questions climate change targets

Tory MP Michael Fallon has replaced John Hayes as energy minister.

Last week Fallon questioned whether “specific targets, for example on…climate change, are the best way of focusing our spending where it is most needed”.

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Experts line up to distance themselves from Fallon’s deregulatory push

Business minister Michael Fallon MP this week blamed both the financial crisis and the deaths in Mid Staffordshire hospital on the “regulatory culture” of the Labour years. However deregulation risks babies and bathwater territory. What we need is better and more effective regulatory systems so that failures cannot be ignored again and stakeholders are protected.

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The government’s manufacturing and industrial strategy leads us down the road to nowhere

The lack of any coherent manufacturing and industrial strategy from the current government is proving to be a disaster for the UK economy, writes Tony Burke.

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Michael Fallon approved of Bank “covert support”

Michael Fallon knew about the possibility of “covert support” for banks. A treasury select committee report recommended changes to the law to make it possible.

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