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Meetings this week in support of Mexican trade unionists

A public meeting has been called in London this week to support of Mexican trade unionists, whose activities are being threatened by restrictive new laws.

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Calderón’s parting shot at Mexico’s workers cements his regressive legacy

Outgoing neoliberal President Felipe Calderón’s trade union reforms have severely damaged the rights of workers in Mexico.

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Victory celebrations for Mexico’s new president will be overshadowed by journalist death

News that an AP intern working in Mexico was found dead in an elevator shaft on Saturday will surely mute projected new president Enrique Pena Nieto’s celebrations.

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G20: Is Obama drawing a line between his approach and Cameron & Merkel’s austerity?

In the G20 Leaders Declaration at the Los Cabos summit in Mexico, has Barack Obama contrasted his approach to the austerity of David Cameron and Angela Merkel.

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The criminal war on journalism in Mexico

Mexico is now seen as the most dangerous country in the world to be a journalist, writes Donnacha DeLong, president of the National Union of Journalists.

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The World Outside Westminster – Romney set for New Hampshire landslide

Left Foot Forward’s Tom rounds up the week’s news from the US Presidential race and stories you may have missed from around the world.

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Government should listen to its advisers on drugs policy

There is an interesting story in today’s Independent, flagged in Left Foot Forward’s Politics Summary, which reports that a group of government-appointed drug experts are to call for a nationwide network of “shooting galleries” to provide injectable heroin for drug addicts following successful trials. The current Government is on record many times insisting that their policies will be based as far as possible on evidence. In the area of drugs policy, however, there have been two recent occasions when the government has gone against their own advisory body.

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