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It’s The Sun Wot Lost It

The newspaper industry, and the power of the press barons, is declining. The internet is on the rise and this holds opportunities for the left.

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Are The Times and The Sun marching to Murdoch’s tune?

On Thursday both The Times and The Sun, Rupert Murdoch-backed newspapers, made the same misleading claims about a Labour Party review into the British economy.

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Politicians Need To Do More To Protect Children and Young People From The Press

A group of young people from Haringey created their own local project Positive Youth News Haringey to tackle the negative representation of youth in the media.

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Census sensationalism: Latest population data cues more media panic about immigration

Jill Rutter reports on the latest release of Census 2011 data – and the latest media panic about immigration.

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Leveson: Salmond’s meddling in BSkyB bid and readiness to assist News Corp “striking”

Alex Salmond’s closeness to Rupert Murdoch, and the lengths to which he would be prepared to go to help him, has been blown open by the Leveson Report.

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Leveson damns the press and PCC – and clears the police

The Leveson Report has delivered a damning indictment on the press and the failure of the PCC – while politicians and the police are largely cleared.

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Pre-Leveson reaction: Regulation by statute will be a ‘regressive and unhelpful step’

Across the UK the message is clear – whilst stronger press regulation is needed, any system underpinned by statute would be a regressive and unhelpful step.

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Watch: Charlotte Harris rebuts the anti-regulation “scaremongering”

Watch Charlotte Harris rebut the anti-regulation “scaremongering” of the likes of Neil Wallis and Boris Johnson.

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Salmond’s plan to break up the BBC may please Murdoch but will be a disaster for Scotland

Shadow Scottish secretary Margaret Curran warns against Alex Salmond’s disastrous plans to break up the BBC.

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Comment: The media is failing in its coverage of Afghanistan

Why are so few of the seasoned war correspondents uwilling to stick their necks out and reveal the West’s failing efforts in Afghanistan?

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