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Can Labour win over Cambridge?

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Deriding Ed Miliband as an Oxbridge elitist is to miss the actual problem with Labour’s leadership.

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The mansion tax: how to make it work for Londoners

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By introducing a mansion tax based on the last sale price of a property, rather than the current market value, the tax would hit only those who could afford to pay it, writes Tom Copley.

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75% of UK voters support a Mansion Tax, including 68% of Tory Voters

New polling shows overwhelming support among the public for a mansion tax, with voters from all three main parties backing the measure by a significant majority.

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Left Foot Forward vs The TaxPayers’ Alliance

Left Foot Forward’s James Bloodworth takes on John O’Connell of the TaxPayer’s Alliance over the mansions tax.

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Why a mansion tax? Why now?

Left Foot Forward makes the case for a mansion tax based on the fact that within the current council tax system the rich do not pay their fair share.

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Comment: Macmillan never quite broke with small ‘c’ conservatism – One Nation Labour must be more dynamic

TweetRichard Carr is a research fellow at the Labour History Research Unit As Ed Miliband’s ‘Mansion Tax’ speech proves, for perhaps the first time Harold Macmillan is in fashion right now. At first glance this is odd – in the 1950s and 1960s he was viewed as a stuffy, Edwardian figure ill-suited to the modern […]

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Comment: Miliband’s support for the mansion tax marks return of Labour as a genuine alternative

Blogger Salman Shaheen welcomes Labour’s pledge to bring back the 10p tax rate paid for by a mansion tax on properties worth more than £2million.

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Five reasons progressives should support Ed’s mansion tax

Left Foot Forward sets out five reasons progressives should support Ed Miliband’s proposed ‘mansion tax’.

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One Tory is tired of being in the nasty party

Alex Hern looks at Nick Boles’s claims the Conservatives have lurched to the right, and his policy prescriptions to solve it.

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