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“Dear George…” – a reminder to Galloway of his support for “brutal Arab dictators”

Carl Packman writes a letter to George Galloway, reminding him of his record as, to quote the the prime minister, a supporter of “brutal Arab dictators”.

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Comment: Iran, nukes, Ahmadinejad… What is to be done?

What is the Iranian threat? Daniel Wickham looks at the validity of Israel’s fear of Iran, the possibility of nuclear weapons and the parallels with Iraq.

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In Brussels, Israel and Iran hold ‘positive’ talks; in Tel Aviv, Netanyahu steps up rhetoric

Yesterday, ‘positive’ talks between Israeli and Iran in Brussels were followed hours later by Benjamin Netanyahu vowing his readiness to “press the button”.

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Why is Fox “bigging up” the threat posed by Iran?

One would hate to think Liam Fox was overplaying Iran’s nuclear ambitions and capability as a way of bigging up the importance of his own portfolio, writes Frank Spring.

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