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Labour needs a distinctive and radical offer for England

Ed Miliband non copyrightj

As the party looks to respond to the referendum at party conference, Labour needs a distinctive and radical offer that delivers for England.

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Better government needs people, not politicians, at the centre

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Britons need better government, argues Steve Reed MP. And only the politics of empowerment can bring this about.

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What would radical decentralisation look like?

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Much needs to be done to end the irresistible pull of London.

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Britain’s councillors: old, white, wealthy…hard-working?

Councillors are older, working longer and are more educated than in the past, according to a new survey.

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Give power to cities to transform the energy market


Giving cities more power can help provide an alternative to the big energy companies.

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The battle for the best cities policy intensifies ahead of 2015 – but can anyone deliver?

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Ed Miliband must show that he can succeed where so many before him have struggled.

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How Labour can win a mandate for change

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The spending squeeze will be dramatic and tough, requiring a very different governing strategy for Labour.

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Labour beats the Tories when it comes to local MPs

Labour rosettej

New findings suggest Labour MPs are 73 per cent ‘more local’ than Tories.

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Five ways Labour can give power to public service users

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People want a greater say when it comes to public services, according to most polling. Here’s how Ed Miliband can start to give it to them.

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Voters in England want devolution too

England mapj

With the Scottish independence argument hotting up, it’s important that the issue of devolution in England is not overlooked, writes Neil Foster.

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