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Give power to cities to transform the energy market


Giving cities more power can help provide an alternative to the big energy companies.

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The battle for the best cities policy intensifies ahead of 2015 – but can anyone deliver?

Ed Miliband ncr 3j

Ed Miliband must show that he can succeed where so many before him have struggled.

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How Labour can win a mandate for change

Ed Miliband ncrj

The spending squeeze will be dramatic and tough, requiring a very different governing strategy for Labour.

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Labour beats the Tories when it comes to local MPs

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New findings suggest Labour MPs are 73 per cent ‘more local’ than Tories.

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Five ways Labour can give power to public service users

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People want a greater say when it comes to public services, according to most polling. Here’s how Ed Miliband can start to give it to them.

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Voters in England want devolution too

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With the Scottish independence argument hotting up, it’s important that the issue of devolution in England is not overlooked, writes Neil Foster.

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Today we saw the Ed Miliband that people want to see

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In pledging to unleash the potential of communities across our country, Ed Miliband looks like a prime minister in waiting, writes Richard Carr.

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Ed is right to talk about devolution, the public who experience it understand and embrace it

Ed Milibandj

By trusting people to design and deliver the services they need and use we get better outcomes.

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Sloppy Labour messaging is not going to work as the election draws nearer

Maurice Glasmanj

If Labour cannot say what they are for or against then they have reduced the role of the opposition to a mere information source for government policy.

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The Pickles Integration Speech – big on rhetoric, small on ideas

TweetJill Rutter writes on migration issues and through IPPR will be publishing a paper on integration in February 2013. A month after Ed Miliband’s speech on migrant integration and nearly 12 months after his Department published its integration strategy, Eric Pickles made his first speech on this issue in a speech hosted by Policy Exchange […]

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