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Striking council workers and other public sector employees have a point – enough is enough

Unison signj

Local government has borne the brunt of the coalition’s ‘austerity’ measures.

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Ed is right to talk about devolution, the public who experience it understand and embrace it

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By trusting people to design and deliver the services they need and use we get better outcomes.

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Labour finally seems to be moving away from centralised control over service delivery


The UK is the most centralised state in the developed world.

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For local government to be meaningful, it needs to have the power to make a difference over things that people care about

Labour’s announcement that it would give councils more control over “use classes” is extremely welcome. In England, any “development” requires planning permission, unless it is “permitted development”. However, under current legislation, many changes in the use of a building count as “permitted development”, and many more (specifically, changes within a certain “use class”) do not count as development at all.

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JRF: Council tax benefit – the sting in the tail

Katie Schmuecker, research manager for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, looks at the sting in the tail of council tax benefit.

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Birmingham’s widening “jaws of doom”

Birmingham’s Labour-run council is facing a £625 million deficit by 2016/2017. Budget cuts of up to 50% are planned. What public services will survive?

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Comment: We need a clearer vision for the future of local government

TweetCllr Muhammed Butt, Leader of Brent Council It has been refreshing and invigorating to see serious debate in the Labour movement about the long term future of local government in the wake of yet another disastrous settlement from Eric Pickles. Labour local authorities have been beacons of hope for residents over the past two years, […]

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Will an elected Mayor bring the glory days back to Coventry?

Amanda Ramsay reports on campaign for an elected mayor in Coventry ahead of the referendum this Thursday.

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Will Birmingham say ‘alrite’ to an elected Mayor?

Amanda Ramsay takes a look at the debate in Birmingham on whether the city should have an elected Mayor and talks to campaigners on the ground.

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Will Manchester say yes to an elected Mayor in May?

With referendums in ten of the biggest cities outside London in May, residents in Manchester will decide if they wish to have an elected mayor.

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