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Report: No link between tough laws and drug use

Drugs ncr

There is no ‘obvious relationship’ between tough drug laws and levels of drug use, according to a new report.

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Exclusive: Do the party conference tax announcements stack up?


Spencer Thompson has picked apart the conference announcements of Labour, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems – so which party will benefit whom?

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The seeds of a Lib/Lab pact have already been sown

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Labour needs to be prepared for a coalition even if it doesn’t want one.

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Will Nick Clegg’s drug reforms have any influence on voters?

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67 per cent of the public agree there needs to be reform when it comes to drug policy, but will it be enough to win back lost voters?

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It’s a pity Nick Clegg is ditching his principled approach to immigration

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Nick Clegg appears finally to be dropping his principled stance on immigration in favour of ill-considered rhetoric.

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7 ways the Lib Dems have failed the environment

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With a track record like this, how do the Lib Dems expect us to take seriously their claim to protect the environment and halt climate change?

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Politicians must live up to their devolution promises

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Bold proposals devolution proposals have a habit of not living up to the full height of their promises.

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The real reason the Lib Dems U-turned on the Bedroom Tax

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The Bedroom Tax U-turn is about dire Lib Dem poll ratings, not principles.

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Blair is not the only one with Iraq amnesia – the Lib Dems were NOT anti-invasion, just anti-that-kind-of-invasion

Iraq protestj

It is one of the great myths of recent political history – that the Liberal Democrats were opposed to Britain joining with US forces to invade Iraq in 2003.

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How Labour drove the Lib Dems out of Brent


There are powerful lessons in the Lib Dems’ decimation in London which the Labour Party would do well to remember.

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