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Real press reform would look at who owns our media

Freedom of the press in Britain is the freedom to ‘print such of the proprietor’s prejudices as the advertisers don’t object to’.

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Internet media regulation: the alternatives bloggers are lobbying for

Left Foot Forward has been broadly supportive of the Leveson process and has stood by the victims of hacking and press intrusion. But the amendment as it stands, which was passed by the House of Commons on Monday, has the potential to capture bloggers and other small publishers through its definition of what is a “relevant publisher”.

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Scottish politicians unite against press regulation

As Westminster debates how best to secure an effective new system of press regulation, Alex Salmond has sought to distance himself from a report his own government commissioned into how to implement the recommendations of Lord Justice Leveson north of the border.

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Leveson: Labour has allowed itself to be cast as the enemy of freedom

Among a large part of the population, ‘Labour’ still means ‘authoritarian’. Over Leveson, it has once again revealed its authoritarian streak.

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Leveson: Labour should resist Cameron’s suffocating embrace

The least worst option for Labour could be to stand up for the victims and resist David Cameron’s suffocating embrace – even if that means going back to the drawing board and starting over together with the Lib Dems.

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Opinion divided over government response to Leveson inquiry

Opinion is divided over the government’s official response to the Leveson inquiry, with some calling for tougher legislation and others breathing a sigh of relief.

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Comment: The rights and freedoms the tabloids trample must also be protected

Prateek Buch looks at the reaction to the Leveson Report by the press and politicians, and argues for regulation and against the anti-Leveson rhetoric.

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Pre-Leveson reaction: Regulation by statute will be a ‘regressive and unhelpful step’

Across the UK the message is clear – whilst stronger press regulation is needed, any system underpinned by statute would be a regressive and unhelpful step.

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Watch: Charlotte Harris rebuts the anti-regulation “scaremongering”

Watch Charlotte Harris rebut the anti-regulation “scaremongering” of the likes of Neil Wallis and Boris Johnson.

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Tory tantrums: Backbenchers on the warpath over Hunt and Lords reform

After the Liberal Democrats abstained from last week’s vote on referring Jeremy Hunt over breaches of the Ministerial Code, the Tories prepare to strike back.

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