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Clinton aide accuses Nothern Ireland politicians of abysmal leadership

TweetA former aide has sparked controversy in saying that Northern Irish politicians, back some 20 years ago, displayed abysmal leadership A former senior aide to the Bill Clinton during his time in the White House has issued a damning indictment on the state of Northern Ireland’s politicians. Writing for the Irish Times to mark the […]

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Who were the most successful British political party leaders since 1900?

David Cameron ncr-1j

David Cameron is the surprising top Tory performer, ahead even of Margaret Thatcher.

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And the next leader of the Liberal Democrats is…

A look at the contenders for the leadership of the Liberal Democrats after Nick Clegg steps down.

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Poll: Cable could save nearly 20 Lib Dem MPs if he takes out Clegg

Another day, another poll to pile further misery on Nick Clegg and boost his main rival Vince Cable, reports Shamik Das.

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Poll: Some see Clegg as likeable; few see him as strong, decisive or trustworthy

In news that is sure to embolden the dissenters at Lib Dem conference, a new poll reveals Nick Clegg to be the least popular party leader since Michael Foot.

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The graphs that should worry Ed Miliband

With the House rising next week for Christmas, and following his underwhelming performance at PMQs yesterday, Ed Miliband has much to think about as heads home.

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Miliband shooting par for leader of the opposition – no more, no less

Left Foot Forward’s Alex Hern discusses what the latest polling data means for Ed Miliband, especially when viewed in the context of previous opposition leaders.

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“Private” Fraser is jumping the gun in predicting the Scottish Tories are doomed

“Private” Murdo Fraser, who is hoping to lead the Conservatives in Scotland, is jumping the gun in predicting the Scottish Tories are doomed, writes Kevin Meagher.

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Labour needs a leader that Leads for Women

Let’s make sure our next leader leads for women. We’ll be asking all the leadership contenders what they think of our proposals; see http://lead4women.wordpress.com/

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