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Scottish Labour faces crisis of its own making

Labour Scotlandj

For too long Labour has taken Scotland for granted. It is now paying the price.

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Tristram Hunt’s Hippocratic oath: a bad policy from a weak shadow education secretary

Tristram Hunt ncr

Attention is now focused on the fallout from Hunt’s policy rather than where it should be – on coalition education policy.

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Exclusive: An open letter to Iain Duncan Smith: Universal Credit questions that need answering

IDS no copyright2j

Existing problems with Universal credit risk being replicated unless you resolve them.

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SNP most trusted to deliver for Scotland – Labour’s problems mount up

Nicola STurgeon

In Glasgow, 40 per cent trusted the SNP most compared to 16 per cent who said Labour.

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Disabled people know what it will take to help them into work. Will Labour listen?

disabled ncr

Labour must prove it has changed its spots since the days of hiring Lord Freud as welfare reform adviser under Tony Blair.

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The Lyons Review: Britain’s housing crisis – and how we solve it

Housing for sale signs JPEG

Labour has published its plans on how it will deliver 200,000 homes a year in the UK.

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Older women are demanding a better deal and Labour must deliver it

Woman ncr

The UK has a 43 per cent gap between pensions received by men and women – the third highest level in the EU.

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Labour’s Scottish headache continues

Scotland independencej

Ed Miliband would do well to start fighting with ‘every fibre of his being’ in Scotland.

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Forging a new NHS from the ashes: Labour’s chance to rebuild a British icon


Labour could propose a tax to save the NHS and people would pay it. So what’s the problem?

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UKIP is tapping into ‘left behind’ Britain

Douglas Carswell ncrj

UKIP is offering disengaged and disillusioned Britons a return to a less challenging, more cohesive past.

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