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An open letter to the Labour Movement


Members of the British Labour Party calling for meaningful solidarity against ISIS from Labour and the Trade Unions.

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The Greens are likely to succeed in chipping away at Labour support

Worryingly, what the Greens have to offer is very appealing to Labour supporters like me

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How can Labour win over aspirational voters?

Mondeo manj

With one year to go until the General Election, Left Foot Forward asked a selection of leading left-wing influencers what Labour can do to attract so-called aspirational voters.

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Today we saw the Ed Miliband that people want to see

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In pledging to unleash the potential of communities across our country, Ed Miliband looks like a prime minister in waiting, writes Richard Carr.

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Labour is not losing support because left-wing policies are unpopular: it’s losing support because they are

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If Labour wants to reverse its declining poll ratings, it shouldn’t be trying to fight the Tories for the centre-right ground.

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Ed is right to talk about devolution, the public who experience it understand and embrace it

Ed Milibandj

By trusting people to design and deliver the services they need and use we get better outcomes.

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Sloppy Labour messaging is not going to work as the election draws nearer

Maurice Glasmanj

If Labour cannot say what they are for or against then they have reduced the role of the opposition to a mere information source for government policy.

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Ed Miliband is right, the promise of an EU referendum won’t win the 2015 election

Ed Miliband JPEG

Ed Miliband understands that people want a government that understands their concerns about Europe but is not obsessed with it.

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How Labour can embrace a new approach to tackling inequality


High rates of in-work poverty combined with falling support for state safety nets has resulted in a complex equality challenge for Labour. However, it can win public backing for a new approach to collectivism.

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Public more worried about Tory relationship with big business than about Labour and the unions

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The public are more concerned about the Tory Party’s relationship with big business than they are worried about Labour’s relationship with the trade unions.

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