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London’s silent killer isn’t an issue for 2016 – it needs tackling now

Air pollution ncrj

Air pollution in London is a silent killer – causing over 4,000 premature deaths every year.

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Ten years of the Congestion Charge: Fewer cars, less pollution and a positive impact on business

Ten years ago this month the Congestion Charge was introduced in London by Mayor Ken Livingstone. It has resulted in fewer cars on the road, less pollution and has had a positive impact on business. What’s not to like?

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Ken Livingstone: Why isn’t Boris using TfL’s £759m surplus to cut fares?

New figures from TfL show another annual surplus that could be used to cut fares

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We need to make Mayoral politics more worthy of the name

Politicos who value local democracy should take some time to think about how mayoral politics can be made more worthy of the name, writes Ellie Cumbo.

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Boris accused of being “out of touch with housing reality” as Ken targets Lib Dems

Labour today warned there will be further instances of London councils seeking to export families north as the government’s welfare reforms begin to bite.

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Vote 2012: London

If Ken Livingstone loses the mayoral election, the result will obscure likely gains in the London Assembly and the true scale of Labour support in the capital.

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It’s all about turnout – if the many vote, together we can Sack Boris

Gary Dunion, chair of Common People, explains how Londoners can sack Boris Johnson, the Tory Mayor of the one per cent.

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Will Boris disown ‘cyclists are to blame if they get killed’ donor?

Boris Johnson is tonight refusing to distance himself from one of his millionaire donors who said cylists are to blame if they’re killed or injured.

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Forget Sugar, listen to Adonis – a man who knows a thing about transport

Labour peers Lord Sugar and Lord Adonis have waded into the London Mayoral election debate, with Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson facing off in just two weeks.

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Livingstone looks to shift focus back to policy as “disgraceful” attacks intensify

Ken Livingstone today sought to re-focus the London Mayoral race back onto policy as the campaign entered the final three weeks, reports Shamik Das.

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