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We cannot counter jihadism until we stop denying its ideological origins


It’s insulting to the victims and detrimental to Islam’s prospects of reformation if the obvious influence of religion on religious extremism is snubbed.

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Censorship will not consign Jihadism to the dustbin of history

Our government’s lunge for censorship suggests a fear among both officialdom and elected representatives that our society cannot defend itself against bad ideas

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The Left must resist partisanship on extremism

Extremism may never be too far from the gaze of the topical political commentator, but events in Woolwich and subsequent EDL activity have ensured a stark rise in the column inches expended in service to the issue.

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Don’t turn Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer into free speech martyrs

The anti-fascist campaign group Hope Not Hate (HNH) has started a petition to prevent two American bloggers from being given permission to enter the UK.

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Comment: French intervention in Mali is not colonialism. The Islamists really are our enemies

The French liberation of Mali from islamists should be welcomed by the left.

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