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Delingpole debunked by Met Office

TweetJames Delingpole is in trouble after the Met Office has eviscerated a number of claims he made in a bizarre Daily Mail article. The Met Office writes: “This article contains a series of factual inaccuracies about the Met Office and its science, as outlined below.” One claim Delingpole made is that the Met Office was […]

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Energygate raises serious questions of the Tory Party’s commitment to the Climate Change Act

Tweet  Today’s Guardian reveals the Tory MP running the Corby campaign backed climate denier James Delingpole’s aborted bid for the seat – and helped push the Tories further towards an anti-green, anti-wind farm position. Newly appointed energy minister John Hayes, who broke ranks a fortnight ago to launch an attack on wind farms – defying […]

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Norway tragedy: The hard-right haters are still going on about Islam

Right-wing commentators and extremists, who blames Muslims for Friday’s terror attacks in Norway, have sought to justify their prejudices – or just blamed them anyway.

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Telegraph columnist ‘intellectually raped’ by Royal Society scientist

James Delingpole, the champion of online climate conspiracy theorists, claims he was ‘intellectually raped’ on television on Monday night, reports Joss Garman.

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UK’s leading climate sceptic admits he’s driven by “ideological war”

NASA has announced that this year is the hottest year so far, just as climate scientists predicted it would be. This has been accompanied by the fastest decline in Arctic sea ice in satellite records, and other extreme weather events around the world, many of which were also predicted by climate scientists. It is against this backdrop that one of Britain’s most prominent climate change ‘sceptics’ has admitted he’s driven by “ideological war”.

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