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It’s The Sun Wot Lost It

The newspaper industry, and the power of the press barons, is declining. The internet is on the rise and this holds opportunities for the left.

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Are Cameron’s porn filters ineffective?

The internet filters touted by Cameron have blocked sites such as the Lib Dems’ own LGBT site.

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The internet has changed the world, but we need to wake up to cyber bullying

TweetThe internet has the capacity to connect families across continents, to bring together social groups so that they can fight for change and to unite writers with their readers, but the dark side of the internet is how easy it is for people to unleash the worst of themselves on people they don’t like. Today, […]

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The clock is ticking on surveillance

Katrina Gajevska, vice-chair of the Labour Campaign for Human Rights, explains the threat from the Communication Data Bill, known as the ‘Snooper’s Charter’.

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Big Brother is watching: The top five threats to your online privacy

Left Foot Forward presents the top five emerging threats to your privacy online.

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Bloggers used rhyming slang to swerve China’s censors and talk about Xi Jinping

With the new Chinese leadership brought into the light yesterday, Left Foot Forward looks at what public opinion is, and how much public opinion can be found.

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Making a # out of intelligence

Arguments between advocates of social media regulation and open rights campaigners lack adequate legal or ethical foundations, writes Demos’s Carl Miller.

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If you’re online, you’re in America, as far as US cops are concerned

Alex Hern reports on the uncomfortable fact that US law now seems to apply to everywhere online, no matter where you actually are

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After the revolution, where next for online Egypt?

Egypt has show how the modern connected complex world has become more fragile, reports Ged Carroll.

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Prediciting the next crash

What if an early warning system existed that could raise the alarm on the next financial crisis? Stephen Fitzpatrick, of Profero, investigates.

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