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IFS: Tories will need to put up taxes or make bigger spending cuts after election

George Osborne 10j

The bombshell will come as a boost to Labour ahead of conference season.

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According to the IFS, people really are worse off under the Tories

Despite the sort of spin that we saw last Friday, people really are worse off under the Tories.

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There’s something badly wrong with our welfare system

Today’s figures should open up debate on how to reform the current system of tax credits and benefits. What is clear is that more needs to be done to address the growing number of people who are actively contributing to society but yet are finding it increasingly difficult just to get by.

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Poorest will be hardest hit by downturn due to welfare reforms

The poor will be the hardest hit in the long-term by the economic downturn as a result of the government’s changes to the benefits system, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS).

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More spending cuts on the way if coalition is to meet savings targets

If the coalition is to meet its spending targets it will have to make further cuts to departmental budgets.

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As the coalition attacks relative child poverty, here’s a list of mythbusting facts

As the DWP publishes its annual Households Below Average Income figures, coalition policies are cancelling out a decade’s progress in tackling child poverty.

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Cameron ignores evidence literally in front of his face

Alex Hern reports on Ed Balls’s active background role in today’s Prime Minister’s Questions, and his canny prepared graph.

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Forget “child poverty”; just fight for a decent childhood for all

Kate Bell and Jason Strelitz write about how best the government can achieve its aim of ending child poverty in Britain.

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IFS: Govt. claim 80% will be better off is misleading

The IFS has disputed Danny Alexander’s claim that 80 per cent of families will be “better off” as a result of the tax and benefit changes coming into force today.

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Gove’s justification for axing EMA doesn’t add up

The evidence suggests that the answer to Michael Gove’s question is ‘yes’ – Education Maintenacne Allowance was socially just, explains ippr’s Jonathan Clifton.

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