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New national infrastructure plan – old North/South divide

London and the South East will together receive three quarters of all transport investment in England in the years ahead.

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The government’s woeful infrastructure record to date

The coalition’s record to date on infrastructure is woeful.

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Ed Balls has made a shrewd move, but Labour must go further

Ed Balls’ latest Guardian article is an interesting one.

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What does the Spending Review mean for growth in our cities?

Everyone knew there would be very little money to spare in Wednesday’s Spending Review and Thursday’s ‘Growth Statement’. The slow recovery of the national economy has put paid to any attempts to move away from ‘austerity’, so departmental cuts of up to 10 per cent came as no surprise.

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We need an infrastructure strategy beyond the M25

Today’s announcements about infrastructure spending are yet another U-turn for a coalition government which cut capital spending far too deeply at the last spending round.

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Just 1 in 100 government infrastructure projects completed

Less than one in 100 of the coalitions infrastructure projects are finished, according to figures which will be put to the government by Labour tomorrow.

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Scottish infrastructure plans an uncosted “bribe” claim opposition parties

The Scottish government yesterday published an update to its own Infrastructure Investment Plan, described as an uncosted “bribe” by opposition parties.

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The North needs more than just capital connections

If the North of England is to move on from its industrial past and fully contribute to national prosperity, it needs a more level playing field

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Budget 2012: Will the coalition u-turn on its ‘no new runways’ pledge?

John Stewart, chair of AirportWatch, writes about the government’s recent remarks on airport expansion and aviation, following today’s budget.

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Cameron: I’m backing Boris (Island)

John Stewart of AirportWatch argues that the announcement of Cameron’s support for an island estuary airport owes nothing to its efficacy and everything to political gamesmanship

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