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The government is jeopardising higher education as a successful export

Foreign studentsj

The government is jeopardising the future of higher education as a successful export due to its backward-looking approach to international students, writes Chuka Umunna.

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New research confirms the government’s net migration target is unsustainable

Arbitrary targets to reduce migration are unlikely to work, argues Sarah Mulley of the Institute for Public Policy Research.

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Cameron is no friend of business when it comes to immigration

TweetDuring David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s Mid Term Review press conference the Prime Minister claimed that on every issue the government had supported wealth creators.  However, there is at least one striking way that the Coalition has not agreed to the demands of business leaders. This is the issue of immigration. Cameron aims to reduce […]

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Crazy May’s immigration policy will make us all poorer

Alex Hern covers the claim by 15 leading economists in the FT that the Home Office plans to send home poor migrants will cut 0.29% from growth over five years.

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The crazy economics of reducing foreign student visas

A major cut in non-EU student visas is going to hurt universities but it’s going to hurt the UK economy even more, writes Stephen Henderson, a researcher at the UCL Cancer Institute.

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Immigration cap turning into a major headache for the government

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has today published the findings of its report to the government on the recommended level for the proposed cap on skilled immigration from outside the European Union. The report demonstrates the scale of the task which the Government has set itself by committing to reduce net immigration to the tens of thousands from the current level of almost 200,000.

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More immigration cap anger from small businesses

Fast-growing small businesses are the latest group to speak out against the immigration cap, saying the restrictions on hiring non-EU migrants are forcing them to turn away work because they are unable to hire the right people. The news follows twin criticisms of the cap last week from the prime minister’s election speechwriter and the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee.

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More government confusion over impact of immigration cap

There is further uncertainty over how the government will achieve its stated goal of reducing net immigration to the “tens of thousands” – an aim reiterated by David Cameron in a speech on new technology in east London this afternoon. Yesterday, the prime minister said intra-company transfers would be exempted from the immigration cap – an area over which immigration minister Damian Green came unstuck on Newsnight last night.

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Coalition should abandon immigration cap or redefine the target

The Home Affairs Committee’s Immigration Cap report sets out some striking findings about the minimal impact the cap will have in achieving the coalition government’s policy objective of reducing net migration.

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