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The north is still falling behind the rest of the UK – what can we do?

North south divide-JPEG

With the right leadership and support, the north of England can return to its former status as a leading economic and social force for change.

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Why London’s property prices are not ‘the right problem to have’

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If the rise in property prices continues unchecked London will begin to lose businesses to cheaper cities.

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Don’t believe the headlines: a housing bubble is still on the cards

Housing ncrj

The affordability crisis can be seen in all parts of the country.

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We need restrictions on non-resident purchases of UK homes

London property is now seen in terms of its investment potential, rather than something that should be meeting a basic social need for the capital’s residents.

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We need less corporate socialism for private sector landlords

The UK housing debate is increasingly focused on who the housing system serves: the nation’s needs or vested interests that seek to preserve tenure-based wealth inequalities.

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We can’t just build our way out of this housing crisis

Do you want to wait thirty years until house prices are at affordable levels again? I doubt many priced out renters in the capital would be happy to put up with the status quo for that long, but that could be the prospect if we just rely on building more homes to solve the housing crisis.

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A challenge to ‘In the Black Labour': Housing benefit will continue to rise unless we tackle the buy-to-let market

In a follow-up to their 2011 report In the Black Labour, Graeme Cooke, Adam Lent, Anthony Painter and Hopi Sen reaffirm their commitment to fiscal conservatism.

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It’s time to consider introducing rent controls

“Build build build. We must build more homes.”

Any politician who came out with such a statement would be greeted with near universal applause. Build them and they will clap.

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Is school selection by house price really better than selection by ability?

The Guardian reports today that that a growing gap in household incomes and rising house prices have made England’s top state-funded comprehensive and academy schools more socially exclusive.

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(Graph) How what people own is more unequally distributed than what they earn

There has been lots of discussion recently about how much more the ’1 per cent’ earn than everyone else. There has been less attention paid to how much more they own.

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