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Boris breaks another promise by refusing to rule out Tory leadership bid while Mayor

If Londoners wanted an insight into the Mayor’s motives and his slippery character, this is surely it.

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Members of the public in the Commons: populist stunt or authentic democratic renewal?

House of Commonsj

As a populist stunt, it is certainly a clever one.

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Majority of SNP MPs absent from bedroom tax vote

Bedroom Tax Protest-j

Just two Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) MPs turned up to vote against the bedroom tax in the House of Commons earlier today after a prosal to repeal the tax was put forward by Labour MP Ian Lavery.

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Watch: Commons Christmas lolz on last day of term

Watch Shadow Leader of the House Angela Eagle bring down the house on the last day before Christmas this morning, injecting festive cheer to proceedings.

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Benn: Bercow for President!

King of Labour’s Left Tony Benn today called for the Speaker of the House of Commons to be made President of Britain.

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Coalition must stop making undeliverable promises on immigration

The coalition are starting to pray the price for making unrealistic promises on immigration and asylum, Ruth Grove-White explains

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Diversity and democracy: Reforming the Lords

How do we embrace full democracy, reflect wider society, allow faith to flourish and treat people of all faiths and none equally; answer: a fully elected House of Lords.

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Balls: Global power of reporting can be “bigger than the truth”

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls, speaking at the Journalists’ Charity annual lunch today, said: “The global power of reporting these days can sometimes be bigger than the truth.”

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Another Lords defeat bodes ill for Clegg’s constitutional reform agenda

Dr Stuart Wilks-Heeg analyses the failings, both historic and current, of the Fixed Term Parliaments bill and asks what this means for future reform.

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Benn: “Unacceptable” there is so little debate and no vote on spending review

It is “simply unacceptable” for the government to devote such little time to the Comprehensive Spending Review, and for there to be no vote, writes Hilary Benn.

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