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America: Clinton takes on the court

Hilary Clinton has made one of her most political interventions in months.

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US Politics Digest: Obama announces cabinet picks, Biden prepares gun control package and more

TweetObama rolls out cabinet nominations President Obama has announced his nominees for key cabinet vacancies, including secretary of defence, secretary of the treasury and director of the Central Intelligence Agency. At a White House press conference on Thursday, Obama unveiled White House chief of taff Jacob Lew as his choice to replace incumbent treasury secretary Tim Geithner. […]

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Syrian rebels accused of more human rights abuses

Tweet  Video footage posted on the internet shows what appears to be Syrian Rebels summarily executing government soldiers. The footage shows rebels beating the soldiers before shooting them and represents the latest in a line of allegations of human rights abuses. The alleged atrocities were committed yesterday during attacks on three army check points around […]

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Cold War era tensions re-emerge as US accuse Russia of arming Syrian government

The conflagration in Syria is in danger of sucking in the great powers.

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Syria: A nation bloody but defiant

Dominic Browne reports on the atrocities committed by the regime of President Assad in Syria prior to a heroic day of defiance taking place in the country today.

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Clinton and Brown in joint attack on deniers; praise for PM from world’s leaders

Gordon Brown & Hilary Clinton joined in the attacks on climate deniers at the Copenhagen summit this morning, & the Australian PM has praised Brown’s leadership

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Clinton: NI is an example to the world

TweetUS Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton has addressed the Northern Ireland Assembly. Her visit to the province comes amidst crucial negotiations over the devolution of policing and justice powers to the Northern Ireland Executive, as reported by Left Foot Forward last week. Clinton is widely acknowledged to have developed strong links with the province, stretching […]

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Northern Ireland policing and justice talks “at a crucial point”

The latest developments from Northern Ireland following the meetings between the Prime Minister, First Minister and Deputy First Minister.

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