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The ITV industrial dispute: everything that’s wrong with politics and the economy in Britain


Workers at ITV have been offered a 2 per cent wage increase. Meanwhile the chief executive last year took home £8.4 million.

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Pay at the top has become a self-enriching racket

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The relationship between bonus increases and profit growth is virtually non-existent.

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It’s time for a maximum pay ratio

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The average pay of a FTSE 100 CEO has rocketed from around £1 million a year in the late 1990s to closer to £5 million today.

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Tough at the top? Executive pay now 180 times the average

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Top executives are pulling away from the rest of us, according to a new report.

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Why the gap between rich and poor has narrowed. And why it won’t last

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The narrowing of inequality is almost certainly a temporary blip.

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The public are more concerned about inequality than either immigration, cutting taxes or curbing benefits

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New polling found that 76 per cent of voters think big businesses has too much power over the government, reports Luke Hildyard.

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Time for universities to reveal secret details of vice-chancellor pay increases

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Vice-chancellors’ eye-watering rises are cloaked in secrecy.

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Proof that inequality is also bad for your boss

Strikes, work-related illnesses and staff turnover are more common in organisations with bigger gaps between the highest and lowest earners.

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The failure of the Swiss referendum demonstrates the need to tackle high pay globally

This weekend Swiss voters rejected a referendum proposal to cap pay for top bosses at 12 times the pay of their lowest-paid employees.

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Wealth is created collectively, not by god-like ‘wealth creators’

Even supposedly ‘self-made’ millionaires rely on taxpayers to support the transport infrastructure, educated workforce and customer base on which their wealth depends.

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