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Why is anti-Traveller abuse not seen as racism?

John Millington looks at the racism suffered by Gypsies and Travellers, such as the boxer Tyson Fury, who often receives such abuse on Twitter.

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Coalition’s new planning policy will make more Dale Farm style stand-offs inevitable

Joseph Cottrell-Boyce of the Travellers Project at the Irish Chaplaincy in Britain, reacts to the coalition’s new planning policy for Gypsy and Traveller sites.

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Tory council has Labour MEP physically thrown out from Dale Farm

Richard Howitt MEP explains how Tory Basildon Council had him focibly ejected from Dale Farm – despite him informing them and the police of his presence.

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The ‘Dalits’ of Dale Farm have needs too

The case of the Travellers illegally camped at Dale Farm who are set to be forcibly evicted shines a rare spotlight on to the lives of traveller communities.

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