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Capitalism really did win when the wall fell

Berlin Wallj

But the left shouldn’t despair.

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Row over CETA free trade deal escalates


The row between Canada and Germany over the future of the stalled CETA free trade deal rumbles on after Germany said it wanted to re-open the talks.

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Hollande is lost: the Left should speak against the German right’s obsessions

The rift in the French government speaks more broadly to what the left-wing narrative should sound like on the austerity obsessions of Germany and the European Union

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A victory for the left as Germany adopts minimum wage


On July 3, Germany moved towards introducing a legally binding national minimum wage set at €8.5 an hour.

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German companies in US warned against violating employment rights

The new leader of the giant German union IG Metall, Detlef Wetzel, has warned German companies operating in the US against violating employment rights and opposing the right of workers to form unions.

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Can the British left learn anything from the German SPD?

Although Germany is unlikely to slide into the ‘red column’ of Europe on Sunday night, there are still reasons for this election to be of more than passing interest to the British left.

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German Election Analysis: left parties struggle against centrism of Angela Merkel

Polls show that Angela Merkel is favourite to win the German Federal Election. The left is struggling to gain ground against Merkel’s pragmatic centrism.

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Opinion: It’s time the EU faced its inner demons

The Eurozone has returned to growth, but it is still suffering from serious internal problems and needs significant reforms.

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English football can learn a lot from the Bundesliga – both on and off the pitch

Anyone with even a passing interest in football will have had their eyes on Bayern Munich and Borrusia Dortmund on Saturday night as they battled it out for the most prestigious prize in club football. English clubs, none of which made it past the quarter finals of this year’s Champions League, could learn a lot from watching Bayern and Dortmund in action.

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Energy of the future: Transforming Germany’s energy system

Ensuring a reliable, economically viable and environment-friendly energy supply is one of the great challenges of the 21st century. In 2011 Germany embarked on an ambitious programme to transform its energy system. In future, Germany’s energy supply will be generated primarily from renewables.

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