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The chancellor’s vision of a northern powerhouse is a world away from the Department for Transport’s cost-cutting agenda

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The chancellor should use his Autumn Statement to set out firm plans for major investment in the north’s rail infrastructure.

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The Tory tax bombshell that would clobber middle earners

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A senior Tory at the heart of government policymaking has let slip that the Conservatives are considering a new tax plan which could hammer middle and low earners.

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‘Are you better off than four years ago?’ Ed Balls channels Reagan to highlight biggest fall in earnings since 1874

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This parliament will see the largest drop in average earnings after inflation since 1874-1880.

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George Osborne: making failure look like success

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Celebrating today’s GDP figures as a victory for the chancellor would be a like praising the punctuality of the chauffeur who arrives at his destination three hours late.

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Online protest works: workfare firm pulls out after Twitter storm

A Bristol-based computer firm has pulled out of George Osborne’s Help to Work scheme after a backlash from welfare campaigners on social media.

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Undercutting UK workers – Tory style

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We don’t need secretive deals that bring in people through the back door and undercut the wages of UK-based workers.

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Inequality is on the rise. And it really is the coalition’s fault

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Now that coalition reforms are in place, we’re starting to see the true impact of government policy – and inequality is on the rise.

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High speed 3: vision for the North or vanity for Osborne?

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Driving northern economic development requires more than just transport connections.

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New figures: George Osborne borrowing more than expected

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Income tax receipts in particular have been weaker than expected.

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George Osborne’s opposition to the Financial Transactions Tax is the height of madness

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Angela Merkel, right-leaning Mariano Rajoy, and the man dubbed ‘Italy’s Tony Blair’ all support it, so why doesn’t George Osborne?

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