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The government has made life easier for big polluters

Emissions ncrj

Government failure on this issue comes with a considerable cost.

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Fracking for shale gas: Hancock’s half-truths

Fracking ncrj

The new energy minister calls shale “the holy grail” of energy policy. He’s probably right. It’s a mythical object that no-one’s found, and over time just has increasing comedy-value.

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Climate change is already hurting the world’s poorest

Ice capsj

What have melting glaciers in West Antarctica got to do with social justice today?

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Scrapping onshore wind farms: as economically irresponsible as it is environmentally reprehensible


The Conservatives have embarked on an all-out assault on the cheapest form of renewable energy there is, writes Oliver Hayes.

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Budget 2014: The twelve (not-so-green) faces of George Osborne

George Osborne 2014j

Here are the twelve (not-so-green) faces of the chancellor and his latest Budget.

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Banking needs to become boring again


What’s wrong with simply putting people’s money to work, in a safe place, to mobilise the investment for the long-term?

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It’s increasingly clear that human activity is influencing weather extremes

Winter storms set climate alarm bells ringing, writes Friends of the Earth climate campaigner Guy Shrubsole.

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It’s no good drawing a correlation between green policies and rising bills. The figures don’t back it up

If Labour is to provide the genuine green alternative to the Tory luddites, they must highlight the missed economic opportunity of a low-carbon economy, using the top economic voices in the party. Lower and more stable bills help our companies compete, while low-carbon infrastructure itself is a key growth area in jobs and investment.

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Campaigns: Ensuring MPs stick to their 2030 Carbon Target promises

Social media is increasingly being used by activists to hold politicians to promises they have made in the past. This time those MPs who promised to back the 2013 Carbon Target amendment to the Energy Bill are being encouraged to stick to their promises via Twitter.

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“One Planet” Labour: Miliband and Balls a welcome contrast to gas-loving Osborne

After a sustained period of silence from the shadow front bench on green issues, Ed Miliband and Ed Balls have emerged on the right side of the debate.

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