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For all its faults, the world needs a strong France

Francois Hollande ncrj

And lack of economic ‘reform’ is thanks to the right rather than the left.

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Hollande is lost: the Left should speak against the German right’s obsessions

The rift in the French government speaks more broadly to what the left-wing narrative should sound like on the austerity obsessions of Germany and the European Union

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The far-right and radical Islamists are finding common ground in homophobia, anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories

French far rightj

The radical right and radical Islamists are seen as mortal enemies. But in Europe they are increasingly finding common ground.

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France: President Hollande caves in to right-wing hysteria on family law

France’s Socialist government has dropped plans to update family law after protests by conservative groups.

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So how does it work, the Quenelle?

The Quenelle openly refers to Nazism, but its link to Nazism and antisemitism is also vigorously denied.

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Telegraph readers would rather live in socialist France than in the UK

Where would Telegraph readers rather live – socialist France or coalition Britain?

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France’s Front National brand detox is going nowhere

The party remains thoroughly toxic, right to the top.

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Opinion: It’s time the EU faced its inner demons

The Eurozone has returned to growth, but it is still suffering from serious internal problems and needs significant reforms.

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Let’s hope Clément Méric’s tragic death will ward off this wave of extremism plaguing France

Last Thursday in France, fascism claimed a life. Clément Méric, a young trade unionist and far-left activist, died under the blows of a group of skinheads in Paris.

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French opponents of same-sex marriage have taken homophobic discourse mainstream

Same-sex marriage should become law in France today, as the bill goes through its second and final reading in Parliament – but the predicted victory will taste bittersweet.

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