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Fitch warns of ‘uncertainty’ over SNP plans for currency union

The credit ratings agency Fitch has warned of instability if an independent Scotland were to remain part of a currency union with the UK.

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Osborne in 2009: We must “sit up and listen”; 2012: ‘plays down threat’ to AAA rating

In 2009, George Osborne said we need to “sit up and listen” to the threat to the UK’s AAA rating; today, he has tried to ‘play down the threat’ to our rating.

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European socialists call for regulation of the ratings agencies

Alex Hern reports on the calls from the Party of European Socialists to regulate the credit ratings agencies, and considers what the problems with such regulation may be.

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Grim economic news II: OECD cut UK growth prediction. Again

Alex Hern follows up yesterday’s economics round-up with another day of bad news. This time the OECD and Fitch have joined in, both predicting a slow-down.

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If the right cares about sovereignty, why the silence on credit agencies?

Alex Hern asks why there is such silence from on the risk to democracy which the credit ratings agencies represent.

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