The end of interest free loans in an emergency?

The Children’s Society today releases a key report, Nowhere to Turn? Changes to Emergency Support. This paints a disturbing picture of how vulnerable children and families in financial crisis could pay the biggest price for government changes to the Social Fund.

Quantitative easing

Will the end of Quantitative Easing trigger a second crisis?

Something strange has been happening in stock markets since 2008: they have been going up. Not just up, but absolutely flying. Through the prolonged failed recovery, unemployment, an investment crisis, the Fukushima crisis and the EU debacle, Wall street, still the market all else look to, has doubled in value.

Money QE

Bank of England confirms rich made richer by QE

Will a politician have the courage to make the case for measures to deliberately redistribute from rich to poor if only to correct the redistribution that has taken place in the opposite direction as a result of QE?