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Let the Sudan be the start of action to protect persecuted Christians

Christian cross ncj

It’s time we sent a message that to deny Christians the right to peacefully follow their faith will not be tolerated.

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We should applaud the European Union for recognising the right to freedom *from* religion

Amidst all the hoopla in the United Kingdom about ‘losing rights to Brussels’, a predominantly biased anti-EU media fraternity has ignored a monumental step taken by the European Union towards the protection of secular rights.

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Labour needs a ‘One Nation’ multiculturalism

It’s almost a cliché now to suggest that Labour needs to put flesh on the bones of its ‘One Nation’ agenda.

And yet as the aftermath of the Woolwich attack reveals the deep tensions still present in our diverse society, there is gap in the political landscape for a ‘One Nation’ multiculturalism which can help people build meaningful relationships.

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What does the 2011 Census tell us about faith, society, and politics?

Stephen Beer, political communications officer of the Christian Socialist Movement, looks at what the 2011 Census tells us about faith, society and politics.

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Faith leaders call for healing as world remembers 9/11

As the world yesterday united in remembering the victims of 9/11, faith leaders the world over, of all religions, called for healing, writes Ed Jacobs.

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As Cameron talks up the Big Society, it’s crashing down

Isn’t it odd that every Big Society re-launch by David Cameron appears to be accompanied by another dozen charities going under? Dominc Browne investigates.

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Big Society faith based partners must be subject to scrutiny

Where can the government find willing community workers outside the public sector? Answer: religious groups. However, that brings difficult questions in itself.

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Ghastly decline in right wing reporting standards

A rebuttal of the right wing media’s manipulation of how a court dealt with a fostering case involving a Christian couple with anti-homosexual beliefs.

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