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Unless you want to pay more for food and social care, EU migrants are here to stay


Instead of making symbolic promises to stem benefit tourism, progressives should consider how to build good community relations in areas that are receiving EU migrants.

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The left must confront the EU’s shortcomings and offer an alternative

EU flagj

Democratisation of Europe has to be front and centre of a progressive vision.

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Reform, not withdrawal, is the way to address public concerns about European free movement


The Ukip analysis of free movement should be challenged much more robustly than it has been to date, argues Alex Glennie.

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Migration Watch’s new Eurosceptic policy: a victory for Blue Labour

Border controlsj

Migration Watch have come round to the Eurosceptic Blue Labour position they rejected three years ago.

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MEPs take Europe’s case for a digital bill of rights to Washington


On the left we should be clear that the struggle for civil liberties is now taking place in cyberspace.

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Gypsy MPs and condom harmonisation: the 10 best right-wing EU scare stories

Express EUj

A compendium of right-wing scare stories about the EU.

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Labour mustn’t fall for the jobs fallacy – TTIP is a threat to democracy

Cameron Obamaj

The EU-US trade deal could lock in free market reforms and prevent a future government being able to reverse the privatisation of public services.

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Immigration must work for people on low and middle incomes


Simply telling people that high migration is inevitable and that they shouldn’t worry is not the way to gain public trust.

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Immigration benefits Britain. But it benefits some more than others

Border controlsj

Immigration means different things to different people. The left should recognise that.

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UKIP conference building received £3million European funding


The Riveria International Centre, where the UKIP conference is currently being held, was partly funded by a European Grant of £3m.

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