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Is Lord Hill’s appointment really a ‘victory for Britain’?

CamJuncker ncrj

The tendency to see EU policy as a battle between competing nations should be more problematic for the left.

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TTIP free trade deal hit by fresh blow

TTIP2 ncrj

Momentum against TTIP is building on both sides of the Atlantic.

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The EU-Canada trade deal is a Trojan Horse for corporate power


It is a direct threat to any future British government’s ability to fully renationalise the NHS.

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Boris’ Europe report: what can we learn?

Boris ncrj

Good for rich investors and big business, less so for everyone else.

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Message to David Cameron: you have no evidence the benefit system acts as a ‘magnetic pull’

Migration uk-JPEG

There’s very little evidence of the ‘magnetic pull’ of our benefits system. But there is evidence which suggests the Prime Minister wants to win back disillusioned Tory voters who’ve been attracted by UKIP.

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Poor people in Britain – poorer than those in similar-sized economies


Incomes in the West Midlands are significantly lower than in the poorest regions of Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

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Why the left should be just as angry about Juncker as David Cameron

Juncker ncrj

The fact that David Cameron recognises the unsuitability of Jean Claude Juncker doesn’t make it any less true.

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Cameron’s choice of ally in Europe makes it harder to achieve reform

True Finns1j

Serious reform can only be delivered by building alliances with mainstream leaders in Europe.

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Video: Tony Blair smacks down a ranting Nigel Farage

Whatever your opinion of the former prime minister, he certainly knows how to take the argument to Nigel Farage.

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Europe votes: reform moves up the agenda but withdrawal remains an isolationist dream

EU flag-1j

All parties are failing to articulate a clear vision for Britain’s relationship with the EU.

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