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Strange times in French politics


With youth unemployment running at 24 per cent, it is unsurprising that people are being attracted to fringe ideologies which offer simplistic solutions.

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Seeing off Brexit by changing the Treaty of Rome into a Treaty of Home

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The only way to see off anti-EU and extreme right-wing parties is to start a debate about a radical new direction for Europe.

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The EU must be more vocal in its criticism of Vladimir Putin

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While European governments have taken action against Russia’s violations of Ukrainian sovereignty, too little is being done about its violations of the rights and freedoms of its own population.

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Today’s EU climate deal means it will be harder for Westminster to blame Brussels for rising energy bills

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One positive effect of today’s European deal is that it should be more difficult for MPs to deflect attention onto the faceless bogie-man that is ‘Brussels’.

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Integration should be the focus of immigration policy, not posturing

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Poverty and job insecurity are more strongly associated with support for UKIP than migration.

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Until recently the Tories said Jose Manuel Barroso’s views were ‘definitive’

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When the European Commission president agrees with David Cameron his views are ‘definitive’.

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Britain’s credit rating safer under Labour, says S&P

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Britain’s triple A credit rating would be better protected under a Labour government than under the the Tories.

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Is Lord Hill’s appointment really a ‘victory for Britain’?

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The tendency to see EU policy as a battle between competing nations should be more problematic for the left.

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TTIP free trade deal hit by fresh blow

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Momentum against TTIP is building on both sides of the Atlantic.

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The EU-Canada trade deal is a Trojan Horse for corporate power


It is a direct threat to any future British government’s ability to fully renationalise the NHS.

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