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Tar sands provide an opportunity to show the EU as a force for good

Tar Sandsj

The European Commission must ban the sale of tar sands crude oil in the EU.

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Why the left should be just as angry about Juncker as David Cameron

Juncker ncrj

The fact that David Cameron recognises the unsuitability of Jean Claude Juncker doesn’t make it any less true.

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If you don’t know about the EU-US trade deal it’s because you’re not supposed to


John Hilary, director of NGO War on Want, has called this deal “the end of democracy”.

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It is not just Hungary that the EU needs to tackle on democracy breaches

The European Commission is reportedly planning to harden its stance against member states who fail to adhere to democracy and the rule of the law.

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Comment: Salmond, Scotland and the EU – time for the first minister to finally come clean

Following the letter from the EC confirming Scotland would have to apply to rejoin the EU, James Hallwood looks back on another woeful week for Alex Salmond.

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Now the EC warns Osborne: Deficit “projected to fall more slowly” due to weak growth

The European Commission today became the latest international body to issue a warning on the state of the UK economy, reports Shamik Das.

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Osborne has put Britain in an economic death spiral: Here’s how to break out

Shadow minister Willie Bain MP presents a four step plan to bring Britain out of the economic death spiral we are in.

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Bold consensus needed for a better future for Europe’s fisheries

William Bain, the shadow food, farming and fisheries minister, writes on the need for a bold consensus across Europe for a fairer future for fisheries.

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