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The EU CAP damages developing economies – and ours

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We are still paying £11.3 billion a year to be part of a club which cuts the disposable income of the neediest in our society.

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The St George’s Cross has become an emblem of the working class

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Like a vote for Ukip, to fly the St George’s Cross is as much to declare one’s antipathy to the liberal, metropolitan well-to-do middle-classes as it is a protest against the EU.

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EU rejects Osborne’s bank bonus cap challenge

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The UK government’s challenge to the European Union’s cap on bankers’ bonuses has been throw out by the advocate general.

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Five myths about public attitudes towards immigration


British Future’s report shows how the fear of being stereotyped stops the moderate majority from communicating their ideas.

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EU court rules against UK government on air pollution


The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has today ruled that the UK government must take urgent action over its failure to tackle air pollution.

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EU benefit tourism was already banned – so what exactly is Cameron boasting about?

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The EU has always permitted restricting social security benefits to European migrants.

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Cameron is playing with fire on the EU

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Cameron’s European policy could signal the end of the UK as we know it.

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EU Commission slaps down George Osborne over rebate claim

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Chancellor George Osborne’s has been slapped down by his EU counterparts and by the Financial Times over his claim to have halved the UK’s £1.7bn EU budget surcharge.

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Seeing off Brexit by changing the Treaty of Rome into a Treaty of Home

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The only way to see off anti-EU and extreme right-wing parties is to start a debate about a radical new direction for Europe.

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The EU must be more vocal in its criticism of Vladimir Putin

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While European governments have taken action against Russia’s violations of Ukrainian sovereignty, too little is being done about its violations of the rights and freedoms of its own population.

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