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Message to David Cameron: you have no evidence the benefit system acts as a ‘magnetic pull’

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There’s very little evidence of the ‘magnetic pull’ of our benefits system. But there is evidence which suggests the Prime Minister wants to win back disillusioned Tory voters who’ve been attracted by UKIP.

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Tar sands provide an opportunity to show the EU as a force for good

Tar Sandsj

The European Commission must ban the sale of tar sands crude oil in the EU.

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Poor people in Britain – poorer than those in similar-sized economies


Incomes in the West Midlands are significantly lower than in the poorest regions of Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

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Why the left should be just as angry about Juncker as David Cameron

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The fact that David Cameron recognises the unsuitability of Jean Claude Juncker doesn’t make it any less true.

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Left Foot Forward readers overwhelmingly back free movement


74 per cent do not want restrictions put on the free movement of labour within the EU.

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If you don’t know about the EU-US trade deal it’s because you’re not supposed to


John Hilary, director of NGO War on Want, has called this deal “the end of democracy”.

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EU voters – Independent Scotland should join EU, but not automatically

Scotland EUj

Voters in six EU countries other than Britain have given their thumbs up to an independent Scotland gaining membership of the European Union.

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Poll: Should Labour support restrictions on the free movement of workers?

Should the party pledge to introduce tougher restrictions if it returns to office?

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Video: Tony Blair smacks down a ranting Nigel Farage

Whatever your opinion of the former prime minister, he certainly knows how to take the argument to Nigel Farage.

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The rise of the far-right in Europe shows how spectacularly austerity has failed


The rise of far-right popularism is a sign that the economic policy of austerity in Europe really has failed.

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