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Eric Pickles needs a lesson in what secularism is (and isn’t)

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Eric Pickles’s comments on ‘militant atheists’ belie an ignorance as to what secularism is, writes Matthew Broomfield.

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Troubled families figure ‘delight’ misses the real picture

The headline figure of ‘troubled families’ tells us little about the situation in local areas.

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Birmingham’s widening “jaws of doom”

Birmingham’s Labour-run council is facing a £625 million deficit by 2016/2017. Budget cuts of up to 50% are planned. What public services will survive?

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The Pickles Integration Speech – big on rhetoric, small on ideas

TweetJill Rutter writes on migration issues and through IPPR will be publishing a paper on integration in February 2013. A month after Ed Miliband’s speech on migrant integration and nearly 12 months after his Department published its integration strategy, Eric Pickles made his first speech on this issue in a speech hosted by Policy Exchange […]

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Reshuffle: Transport and communities: Where next for the ‘greenest government ever’?

Richard Hebditch of the Campaign for Better Transport reflects on the reshuffle changes at the departments for communities and transport.

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Pickles’ Plan to deal with “120,000 trouble families” in a tailspin

Eric Pickles’ proposals to deal with ‘troubled families’ is a rehash of a New Labour policy, but served on bed of dubious spin kicking the poor and public sector workers.

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Pickles needs a friend

TweetToday hasn’t been a good day for Eric Pickles – even Gideon was mocking him: ““Economic advisor to Gordon Brown”. I’m not sure I’d put that on my CV if I were Ed Balls. It’s like “personal trainer to Eric Pickles”. Although I have to say, when it comes to chasing down council waste, no-one runs faster […]

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Council tax freeze is a tax cut for the rich

Pete Challis explains how much more the rich benefit from a council tax freeze than the poor do.

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Pickles’s bribe to councils is a white elephant

Rupert Read discusses the flaws, in both aim and execution, of Eric Pickles’s plan to return to weekly bin collections.

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Pickles’s failed attempt to reduce complexity risks a planning free-for-all

Under the guise of reducing complexity in the planning system, the government devolves crucial decisions to under-funded councils in a failed attempt at growth.

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