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It isn’t just child poverty that limits social mobility; inequality does too


The side of social mobility that no politician will talk about: making rich-but-dim children downwardly mobile.

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Inequality: where Labour really did ‘crash the car’

New Labour ncrj

It isn’t just wealth that concentrates; opportunity does too.

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Elitism and social discrimination persist, but what is to blame?

We should be clear: schools, universities, and leading firms all have a part to play in the continuation of elitism and social class discrimination

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New ONS figures reveal the startling state of health inequality


Men living in the most deprived areas of the country will live almost 20 years less than those in the least deprived areas.

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Blair playing down his wealth is a reminder that we need to tackle inequality

Blair was right, Labour does need to move out of its ‘comfort zone’ – the comfort zone of refusing to discuss inequality.

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This government has been a disaster for disabled people

Disabled people ncrj

Under this government, disabled people are twice as likely to live in poverty as non disabled people.

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We don’t only need more women in the Cabinet

Cameron badmintonj

Let’s get more women into politics. But let’s not forget about the often mentioned ‘ordinary people’.

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Tough at the top? Executive pay now 180 times the average

Money ncrj

Top executives are pulling away from the rest of us, according to a new report.

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We’re still failing victims of FGM

FGM ncrj

Why has France successfully prosecuted over 100 criminals relating to FGM while the UK will make its first prosecution this year?

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The key to reducing inequality? Stronger trade unions

Trade unionsj

The widening gap between rich and poor reflects a decline in trade union power, so argue the authors of the bestselling book The Spirit Level.

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