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Carbon emissions must hit zero by 2100, warns urgent UN report

Emissions ncrj

TweetUN warns of new deadline for climate change action It is extremely likely that rising sea levels, diminishing snow and ice and warmer oceans are the result of greenhouse gas emissions, according to a comprehensive new assessment released in Copenhagen on Sunday. The report, published by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), emphasises […]

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Can London adapt to climate change with a climate sceptic in charge?


Boris Johnson is a climate sceptic who wants to build a massive airport on the Thames Estuary. He cannot be taken seriously on green issues, writes Jenny Jones AM.

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America & China give reasons for optimism on climate change

global warming

After decades of the USA and China preventing global agreement, they are finally making progress to combat climate change.

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Cameron’s shaky record on green investment

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Cameron’s invoking of the Green Investment Bank in defence of his government’s environmental record is ironic given the limitations placed on it by his government.

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David Cameron is surrounded by climate deniers

David Cameron polar bearj

The Tory party is rife with climate change sceptics.

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We have everything to gain from a green economy, and a generation to lose if we abandon it

UK Youth Climate Coalition’s Adam Dyster argues that we have everything to gain with a sustainable and green economy.

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Green Economy: the what, why and how

wind turbine

In advance of a Left Foot Forward event on green growth, Professor Paul Ekins outlines the path to a flourishing green economy.

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Oops! ‘Green’ parking permit in Barnet now costs more than regular permit

Barnet residents entitled to a ‘green’ parking permit for low emission vehicles now have to pay more than people with more environmentally unfriendly cars.

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Taking back control of our energy future

Tweet By Hannah Martin and Graham Thompson from No Dash For Gas This week in Sussex, we’ve been reclaiming the power. At our six-day camp, we’ve shared skills, discussed complex environmental and social issues and crucially, taken direct action by shutting down the Cuadrilla shale oil drilling site in Balcombe.  Part of our campaign involved […]

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Opinion: In praise of Caroline Lucas

TweetLewis Coyne is a member of SERA: Labour’s Environment Campaign. He writes here in a personal capacity. On Tuesday the Green MP Caroline Lucas was released on bail following her arrest in the West Sussex village of Balcombe. Lucas had taken part in Monday’s protest against the exploratory drilling undertaken by fracking company Cuadrilla, who […]

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