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Hinkley Point – a shockingly bad deal for the British taxpayer

Hinkley Point ncrj

The Alice in Wonderland economics of nuclear power.

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Poll results: large majority of Left Foot Forward readers opposed to fracking

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83 per cent of you are against fracking, according to our poll.

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With the ‘big six’ set to double profits, what we actually need is a ‘small twenty’

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With ever-rocketing bills, the time has come to break up the big energy companies.

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Cities can take on the ‘big six’ energy companies

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Politicians on all sides want to devolve power to the cities to boost economic growth. Energy should be central to this new agenda.

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Fracking for shale gas: Hancock’s half-truths

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The new energy minister calls shale “the holy grail” of energy policy. He’s probably right. It’s a mythical object that no-one’s found, and over time just has increasing comedy-value.

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Give power to cities to transform the energy market


Giving cities more power can help provide an alternative to the big energy companies.

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Bin British Gas – put energy in public hands

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It is high time for a radical change to our energy system, writes Morten Thaysen.

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There might not be any red tape for Boris Johnson to cut, but securing London’s energy security matters

Boris Johnsonj

Faced with the prospect of a capacity crunch in energy supplies, the Mayor is content to sit back and write another column attacking renewables.

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Green Economy: the what, why and how

wind turbine

In advance of a Left Foot Forward event on green growth, Professor Paul Ekins outlines the path to a flourishing green economy.

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Taking back control of our energy future

Tweet By Hannah Martin and Graham Thompson from No Dash For Gas This week in Sussex, we’ve been reclaiming the power. At our six-day camp, we’ve shared skills, discussed complex environmental and social issues and crucially, taken direct action by shutting down the Cuadrilla shale oil drilling site in Balcombe.  Part of our campaign involved […]

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