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Labour needs a distinctive and radical offer for England

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As the party looks to respond to the referendum at party conference, Labour needs a distinctive and radical offer that delivers for England.

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The Greens are likely to succeed in chipping away at Labour support

Worryingly, what the Greens have to offer is very appealing to Labour supporters like me

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It’s the obsessing over Miliband’s wreath that really demeans the war dead


Millions died in World War One. Millions of people are still dying today as a result of conflict. Should we not remember them in a more serious way?

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With the ‘big six’ set to double profits, what we actually need is a ‘small twenty’

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With ever-rocketing bills, the time has come to break up the big energy companies.

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Forget Wallace, what Miliband doesn’t have is sufficient distinction in the message

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If Miliband can’t win on style, substance becomes more important, but I’m not sure Labour really understand this.

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Members of the public in the Commons: populist stunt or authentic democratic renewal?

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As a populist stunt, it is certainly a clever one.

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Tony Blair was right about some things, however uncomfortable that makes you feel

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In trashing the legacy of Tony Blair you are essentially sticking two fingers up at the electorate.

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Labour councillors upbeat but Ed Miliband seen as a hindrance

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New polling reveals that Labour councillors are optimistic about 2015 but Ed Miliband viewed as a hindrance.

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Today’s Mail energy piece – hot gas from vested interests

Gas hob ncrj

The Mail seems intent on becoming a mouthpiece for the Big Six.

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PMQs: A&E waiting times: a Prime Minister in denial

The A&E crisis starts in the GP’s surgery. Labour should make more of this.

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