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Miliband should be ambitious and go for a Robin Hood tax

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As everyone from the Institute for Fiscal Studies to the International Monetary Fund agrees, the financial sector is under-taxed.

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Labour’s green policies are warming up, but its economics lag behind

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If action on climate change is urgent, why is it hard for politicians to spend a bit of money on it?

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Labour’s missed opportunity

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A potential springboard to launch Labour ahead of the election has been wasted by a set of standard, uninspiring ideas on a decade timeframe.

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Ed Miliband’s six point plan for Britain – and what it means

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In his speech today Miliband will set out his ‘six national goals’ for the country to achieve in the next 10 years.

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History should not give cause for optimism for Labour

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Ed Miliband needs to conquer is his image problem which, four years on from taking the leadership of the party, remains a noose around the party’s neck.

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Conference 2014: Labour is losing credibility on devolution

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On English votes for English laws, Labour has been caught like a rabbit in the headlights.

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Labour conference 2014: why Britain needs a higher minimum wage

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Ensuring a minimum wage of £8 an hour will mean the low paid seeing some of the benefits of the economic recovery.

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Labour needs a distinctive and radical offer for England

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As the party looks to respond to the referendum at party conference, Labour needs a distinctive and radical offer that delivers for England.

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The Greens are likely to succeed in chipping away at Labour support

Worryingly, what the Greens have to offer is very appealing to Labour supporters like me

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It’s the obsessing over Miliband’s wreath that really demeans the war dead


Millions died in World War One. Millions of people are still dying today as a result of conflict. Should we not remember them in a more serious way?

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