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Why ‘One Nation Social Security’ also needs a map and compass

In Ed Miliband’s speech on social security yesterday, he set out a number of ways in which the present system pays for failure: having too many people in long-term unemployment; subsidising low paid work; subsidising rents rather than building homes; and not recognising contribution.

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Two cheers for Ed Miliband’s shift on welfare. He’s missing something, though

In a speech today at Newham Dockside, Ed Miliband will tackle head on the attempts to brand Labour the party of welfare, and will say that controlling social security spending and putting decent values at the heart of the system are “not conflicting priorities”.

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Five reasons progressives should support Ed’s mansion tax

Left Foot Forward sets out five reasons progressives should support Ed Miliband’s proposed ‘mansion tax’.

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Ed Miliband: The future of the UK is ‘too important’ to be decided only by Scotland

On Scottish independence, Ed Miliband argues that being Scottish and British is something to be proud of.

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Miliband calls for a something for something culture

TweetIn a speech likely to be remembered for a 10 minute interruption in TV and Radio coverage, Ed Miliband has delivered a speech to his party conference with a message of fairness. Calling for a “new bargin” based on a “something for something culture” and hard work, Miliband called for a sense of responsibility at […]

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Where Ed still needs to improve in his speeches

Ed’s speech yesterday was better than his last few, but still does not show as much leadership as it could says speech writing expert Asher Dresner

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