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Poverty doubles over 30 years in UK

The percentage of households in the UK who are below society’s minimum standard of living has increased from 14% to 33% over the last 30 years, according to a new study of poverty and deprivation.

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Tackling the productivity orthodoxy to boost pay

Millions of working people find themselves working harder for less. We need to rebalance our economy.

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Five million workers excluded from recovery, says Living Wage Commission

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TweetFive million workers are set to be left out of the economic recovery, according to a new report published today. The report, Working for Poverty, was authored by the Living Wage Commission and states that the economic recovery will have no effect for one in five workers unless employers pay a Living Wage. It describes […]

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Five reasons why George Osborne is wrong

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George Osborne’s declaration that his economic policy is “working” will have come as something of a shock to millions of families up and down the country.

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Are The Times and The Sun marching to Murdoch’s tune?

On Thursday both The Times and The Sun, Rupert Murdoch-backed newspapers, made the same misleading claims about a Labour Party review into the British economy.

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Labour failing to tackle Conservative myths on the economy, claims Welsh MP

Labour MP Geraint Davies has warned that the party has not done enough to tackle the line that Labour is responsible for the country’s economic mess.

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For many young people ‘study hard, work hard, go to university, get a job’ isn’t reality

The media and political debate over grade inflation and Michael Gove’s proposed GCSE reforms disguise how difficult it is for young people in today’s struggling economy.

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Graduates and growth

The future of young people and the British economy are intertwined and inseparable; however, the future of both is uncertain.

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Youth unemployment: experience of work does matter

Spencer Thompson explores the issue of youth unemployment and why it is more and more young people are struggling to gain employment.

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Wages stagnate – UK now in the Euro relegation zone

The media might be talking about “booming Britain”, but the reality for millions of workers is very different. New data shows how far wages have fallen in the UK.

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