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G20 growth up to 0.9 per cent


The OECD have released data showing that GDP in the G20 area grew by 0.9 per cent in the third quarter of 2014, up from 0.8 per cent in the previous quarter.

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Economic inequality is preventing growth in the UK

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Countries with widening income gaps are growing more slowly.

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The battle for the best cities policy intensifies ahead of 2015 – but can anyone deliver?

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Ed Miliband must show that he can succeed where so many before him have struggled.

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The role of skills in tackling low pay

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Two new reports show just how little impact economic growth is having in the places that need it most.

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Is it even possible to get back to growth?

perhaps there is a form of growth which it is possible to sustain – ‘green growth’ – and if there is, we all need to know what it would look like. And if it’s impossible, we need to know that too.

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The coalition is in ‘growth denial’

TweetThe Bank of England is expected to downgrade its growth forecasts today while warning of more financial pain to come. As the graph shows, the growth trend in the UK economy has been downward since around the third quarter of 2010 – coincidentally, about the time George Osborne set out the coalition’s spending plans (20th […]

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Michigan’s ‘right-to-work’ bill enshrined in law as Gov. Snyder accused of “caving to the rich”

The Michigan state legislature this week signed controversial ‘right to work’ proposals into law, banning agreements that force workers to pay union dues.

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UK economy will hit the rocks if Osborne follows Allister Heath’s plan

Cutting taxes, regulations and Britain’s decarbonisation will cause plenty of pain and very little gain.

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From Boots to Barclays: Why branch businesses are good for our cities

Paul Swinney of the Centre for Cities looks at the effects of independent businesses on the economy.

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“We must all be up to this challenge together”: A new social compact for Europe

As austerity takes its toll right across Europe, the European TUC argues for a new direction, based on solidarity and safeguarding Europe’s social model in law.

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