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Cities Outlook 2013: A downturn of two halves

For the past five years the UK economy has either been in, or on the brink of, recession, writes Rachel Smith of Centre for Cities.

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Four ways to prevent a repeat of the economic meltdown

To help prevent a repeat economic meltdown, we need greater economic democracy, participation, transparency, decentralisation and accountability.

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Burglaries, robberies, muggings on the rise… is the downturn to blame?

Shamik Das reports on fears the economic downturn is responsible for the rise in burglaries, robberies and muggings in London, as revealed by The Times this morning.

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The High Street spiral of self-harm

Ann Pettifor reports on the latest grim news from the high street today, and outlines possible solutions to the downturn.

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Will Osborne be forced to rewrite his script?

The new economics foundation’s senior economist James Meadway delves into today’s GDP figures, and asks if the coalition will be forced to rewrite its script.

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