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The government is in denial over the impact of cuts on disabled people

The government claims disability organisations support its welfare reform agenda and say disabled people are protected from cuts. These 2 myths need debunking.

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Now the Tories come for the blind people’s benefits

It emerged today the Tory-led government has plans to attack the benefits of blind people, reports Shamik Das.

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Liddle’s latest outrage shouldn’t surprise us

Alex Hern reminds everyone that Rod Liddle’s never been the nicest journalist on the block – and that his latest outrageous comments are just par for the course

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Yes, but are you REALLY disabled?

Ann Milnes Roberts attempts to explain the lives behind the DLA cuts.

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Miliband quizzed on disability reforms, apologises for omission from speech

Ed Miliband apologised for not defending disabled people from attacks by the Tories and right-wing press in his conference speech, reports Shamik Das.

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Help stop government changes to welfare penalising disabled children

New welfare reform proposals will result in many disabled children facing a cut of up to £1,400 per year (£27 per week) compared to their current welfare entitlements.

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The three things Cameron should know about sickness and disability benefits

Drawing on ongoing analysis of benefit receipt due to be published this autumn, we can confront David Cameron’s ignorant narrative with some real-world evidence.

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Davies’s remarks are a much needed wake-up call; discrimination is alive and well

Philip Davies’s disgusting, disgraceful, ignorant, ill-informed remarks about the disabled today have proved to be a much needed wake-up call, writes Jos Bell.

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The shocking impact of Osborne’s heartless cuts on the disabled

If the Welfare Reform Bill passes, the results will be horrific and at the Department for Work and Pensions, they are confident that it is a price worth paying.

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Right wing press need to check facts before screaming at disabled

Sue Marsh reports on the Mail and Telegraph misreporting of disability benefits.

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