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Colin Brewer and talking freely about disabled human rights

Free speech is not designed only to allow tolerable attitudes. We do, however, expect elected representatives to uphold certain values – should they speak otherwise we are in our rights to demand they stand down from their position.

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Watch: “Lying, thieving, b******s”… Whistleblower reveals sick views of Work Programme contractors

Disabled and jobless people were referred to as “lying, thieving, bastards” by a major Work Programme contractor, the BBC’s Panorama revealed last night.

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ESA SOS: Another day, another attack on disabled people

The government are sneaking through major changes to how disabled people are assessed, writes Sue Marsh.

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Anger at government reforms to Disability Living Allowance

TweetOn Wednesday, disability rights campaigners urged the Lords that the government’s proposed introduction of Personal Independence Payment, to replace the Disability Living Allowance, had serious flaws and requires significant changes. The website We Are Spartacus, which features the opinions of disabled people on the issue of welfare reform, has submitted an analysis of the PIP […]

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New report reaveals a third of those with a visual impairment in Wales lives in poverty

A new report by the Bevan Foundation today demonstrates the inhumane levels of poverty in the visually impaired in Wales.

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The nasty department: DWP threaten to take disabled children away from parents

The DWP is sending out threatening, menacing letters to disabled parents, ordering them to do as they say or risk having their children taken into care.

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Now the Tories come for the blind people’s benefits

It emerged today the Tory-led government has plans to attack the benefits of blind people, reports Shamik Das.

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How DWP’s incompetence cost taxpayers and disabled people

The Department for Work and Pensions’ failure to scrutinise the consequences of disability benefit reform raises serious questions about their competence.

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As Lords debates DLA reforms, charities call for pause to welfare reform bill

Ahead of today’s Lords debate on DLA reforms, the Papworth Trust is leading a coalition of charities in calling for a pause to the welfare reform bill.

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Labour’s failings on disability – and the way forward

Ben Baumberg writes about where Labour can move on from the ‘benefit scrounger’ argument.

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