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Yes, reform the Lords. But don’t stop there

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The House of Lords represents everything about the political class the British public despises.

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Why are companies so rich and states so poor?

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The state is broke, and democratic government ineffective, because big business no longer pays tax.

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The EU must be more vocal in its criticism of Vladimir Putin

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While European governments have taken action against Russia’s violations of Ukrainian sovereignty, too little is being done about its violations of the rights and freedoms of its own population.

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We need to bring democracy back to life. Let’s start with the House of Lords

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The events of this week were yet another reminder of how far behind Westminster is in adapting to the new world.

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Five reasons we need a stronger recall bill

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The ‘power of recall’ doesn’t really give constituents the right to recall their MP.

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A lesson in democracy – from the European Parliament

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When it comes to representative democracy, Parliament could learn a thing or two from Europe.

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The Yes campaign may have won the #indyref

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With pro-independence parties seeing record-breaking membership growth, the indy camp could be the real winners after all.

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Boris breaks another promise by refusing to rule out Tory leadership bid while Mayor

If Londoners wanted an insight into the Mayor’s motives and his slippery character, this is surely it.

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To tackle Islamist extremism, we must rekindle pride in the British traditions of dissent, democracy and solidarity

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The barbarism of IS can never be justified. Yet it is incumbent on political leaders in Britain to try to explain and tackle the very real appeal that fighting in Syria exerts for some.

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Scotland’s referendum will boost turnout in the 2015 election

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With so many Scottish voters going to the polls, there could be a spillover effect resulting in higher turnout levels in future elections.

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