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A lesson in democracy – from the European Parliament

European Parliament ncrj

When it comes to representative democracy, Parliament could learn a thing or two from Europe.

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The Yes campaign may have won the #indyref

Alex Salmond ncrj

With pro-independence parties seeing record-breaking membership growth, the indy camp could be the real winners after all.

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Boris breaks another promise by refusing to rule out Tory leadership bid while Mayor

If Londoners wanted an insight into the Mayor’s motives and his slippery character, this is surely it.

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To tackle Islamist extremism, we must rekindle pride in the British traditions of dissent, democracy and solidarity

Britain flag ncrj

The barbarism of IS can never be justified. Yet it is incumbent on political leaders in Britain to try to explain and tackle the very real appeal that fighting in Syria exerts for some.

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Scotland’s referendum will boost turnout in the 2015 election

Polling booth ncrj

With so many Scottish voters going to the polls, there could be a spillover effect resulting in higher turnout levels in future elections.

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Better government needs people, not politicians, at the centre

Whitehall ncrj

Britons need better government, argues Steve Reed MP. And only the politics of empowerment can bring this about.

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But isn’t Owen Jones a part of the establishment?

Reviewing Owen Jones’ new book, The Establishment, Carl Packman finds that what changes the British Establishment of today is merely the means with which they contain dissent

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Restricting strike action is Thatcherite nostalgia – it must be stopped

The Conservatives are planning to make strikes so restrictive they cross the boundary into an attack on fundamental civil liberties. We must stand up to them

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The nonsense of shareholder ownership: what we should know

Neoliberals claim that shareholders are the owners of companies. This is nonsense, argues Austin Mitchell MP and Prem Sikka, Professor of Accounting, University of Essex

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Accepting Carswell with open arms is actually a massive risk for UKIP

It has gone unnoticed, but accepting a genuine libertarian who disregards party loyalists is actually a really bad move for UKIP

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