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What would radical decentralisation look like?

London 1 ncrj

Much needs to be done to end the irresistible pull of London.

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Boris fever highlights the undemocratic nature of ‘safe seats’

Boris Johnson ncrj

As the case of Boris Johnson demonstrates, safe seats are treated like aristocratic estates.

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Britain’s councillors: old, white, wealthy…hard-working?

Councillors are older, working longer and are more educated than in the past, according to a new survey.

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Members of the public in the Commons: populist stunt or authentic democratic renewal?

House of Commonsj

As a populist stunt, it is certainly a clever one.

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Surveillance bill: fear should never be used to push through new laws

Theresa May no copyrightj

Britain’s widespread surveillance is already broader than the majority of other European countries.

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UKIP’s rise isn’t the end of politics – but it does mean the end of the left-right continuum

Farage ncr2j

UKIP has short-circuited the left-right continuum and defied triangulation.

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Are you scared of British values?

British flagj

Almost every country in the world is associated with certain values.

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If you don’t know about the EU-US trade deal it’s because you’re not supposed to


John Hilary, director of NGO War on Want, has called this deal “the end of democracy”.

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‘Rouhani smiles better. He talks better. But no changes have taken place’

Shirin Ebadij

Iram Ramzan recently caught up with Iranian lawyer and human rights activist Shirin Ebadi during a talk about women’s rights, President Rouhani and the situation inside Iran.

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It’s time to embrace the digital age and introduce online voting

Polling stationj

The popularity of clicktivism, e-petitions, and political blogs are evidence that people are willing to politically engage online.

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